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July 9, 2023

The main topic of today's update is Self-booking, a self-service booking page that you can share with your clients. As a result, you have more time, and your clients have more freedom 😊

Self-booking: scheduling multiple services

One of the major updates that completely changed the way a client can book an appointment. Now your clients can schedule several services at once during a single visit. Our smart system will check the availability of staff and stations to find the most optimal date for your salon and client.

Self-booking: flexible time slots

Customize time slots to your needs! We have introduced the ability to personalize the length of time intervals in self-booking. Instead of the standard 30 minutes, you can now change the interval to 15, or 60 minutes.

For example, if your services last 15, 45 or 75 minutes, you will benefit from changing the interval from 30 minutes to 15 minutes. Clients will have more options as additional hours will appear when booking an appointment. Instead of, for example, 9:00, 9:30, 10:00, the choice will be 9:00, 9:15, 9:30 and so on. As a result, you gain greater control over your schedule!

Changing the order of services

We have introduced the ability to adjust the order of service groups, categories, and the services themselves in the system. The change in order will be visible both in the calendar when adding an appointment and in self-booking. Now you can present your services in a way that best suits your salon.

Searching for clients by tags

Want to find all clients from whom you require a deposit? Or maybe see a list of all loyal customers? You can do this easily thanks to the new feature of filtering clients by tags.

All you need to do is tag your clients with the appropriate tags. Then in the client list, just click the filter icon and select the tag you're interested in. All clients with such a tag will appear on the list!

SMS: send messages to the client

Now you can send SMS with your own sender name and any content. This is especially useful for salons with multiple employees. Communicate with your clients in a more personal way - you can, for example, thank them for their visit, ask for a review, or inform them about a special offer.

Other changes

We are continually working to make Estetify even better. Below you will find a list of smaller changes we have made recently. If you have any suggestions on what we can improve, let us know! 🙌

  • introduced the possibility to search for clients while adding an appointment in the mobile application
  • improved loading and display of reservations in the mobile application
  • introduced slight improvements to the client view
  • fixed a bug that was causing problems with registration and login
  • improved the appearance and operation of the side navigation
  • fixed a bug that was causing problems with time blocks in the case of multiple employees
  • fixed a bug where calendar appointments were not correctly filtered
  • fixed a bug where workstations were displayed after removal
  • fixed a bug where the salon profile form could not be edited

Szymon Krysztofiak

May 15, 2023

Thanks to staying in constant contact, we have made a series of corrections and improvements to Estetify - thank you for your support! We encourage you to send us your feedback as it helps us steer the system in the right direction 💜

Tags and New Client View

We have added tags to make it easier to organize work with clients. Now we can create our own categories and assign them to clients.

Assign tags to clients to quickly access important information. Soon, we will introduce the ability to send mass messages to clients based on tags!

Our ideas for categories:

  • 💵 Cash
  • 💳 Card
  • 🎫 Voucher
  • 💸 Tips
  • ⭐️ Regular Client
  • ⏱️ Running Late
  • 💰 Deposit Required

No Need to Add a Payment Card

Don't want to add a payment card? We understand perfectly! From now on, we accept payment in other forms. The only condition is a quarterly fee. Contact us to pay for your subscription by bank transfer or BLIK. We provide an invoice! 😄

Not everyone is a fan of using a payment card. This is often associated with a dislike for automatic payments or concerns about security. In Estetify, canceling a subscription is easy, and we guarantee the security of your data, but we still offer you the option to pay in the preferred payment method!

Service Details Preview

We constantly refine the core of our application, the appointment scheduling, to optimize your salon's workflow. Based on your suggestions, we have added a preview of the service duration and price in the service selection field. It will soon appear in a few other places too!

A client called you interested in booking an appointment? Now you can quickly provide them with the price and approximate duration of the service - instantly, without leaving the appointment form!

Self-Booking Enhancements

We have released an updated version of your personalized page for client appointment scheduling. It looks better than ever! And the best part is, you can now further personalize it by adding your company logo and a background photo.

Other Changes

Thanks to your reports, we can fix bugs promptly. Last month, we managed to fix a bug in less than 10 minutes after it was reported by one of our users! Thank you 💜

  • We refined the process of adding time blocks, allowing you to do it even faster.
  • We improved the appearance of the application to make it even more enjoyable to use.
  • We fixed the way services are displayed when adding an appointment.
  • We fixed a bug where sometimes changes couldn't be saved in the salon profile.
  • We fixed a bug where deleted clients were still displayed until the page was refreshed.
  • We fixed a bug where sometimes user settings couldn't be saved.
  • We fixed minor issues related to adding and removing service categories.
  • We fixed a bug where workstation availability wasn't displayed in the appointment form.
  • We fixed a bug where client editing wasn't possible from the appointment form.
  • We fixed a bug that allowed clients to cancel appointments that had already taken place.

Szymon Krysztofiak

March 28, 2023

Mobile application

We just released the Estetify mobile app! 🎉

Real-time notifications

From now on, you and your employees will be notified of new visits instantly. We are further developing this feature to make your daily work and operation with self-booking as easy as possible.

Time blocking

Employee breaks

Breaks are important! 🧘‍♀️ From now on, you can block time in the calendar to mark the hours when visits will not take place.

SMS sending status

Thanks to your feedback, we are happy to announce that you can now easily track the status of SMS notifications in the customer tab. Sending a message is one thing. Status tells us whether the message has reached the recipient! 😇


Salon job management system

Did it happen to you that two people came to an appointment requiring a specific piece of equipment at the same time? From now on, Estetify has a tab for setting up equipment, station, or office 🤗.

Salon equipment availability when making appointments

Every time you book an appointment, the system will automatically check if the equipment is available at that time.

Self-Booking Improvements

Self-booking privacy policy and regulations

Now your salon can add a privacy policy and terms and conditions. This way your customers will be assured that their data is safe and protected! 😌

In addition, we've made changes to the design of your personalized site to make it more attractive to your customers.

Szymon Krysztofiak

January 30, 2023

New pricing

We didn't think our pricing could be simplified even more! We now offer more for less! We also introduced Fixed Price Guarantee 😎.

Easier to work with customers

From now on, you can add, edit and view customers even faster from the add visit level.

Self-booking development

We've added some new features to make your self-booking easier, including SMS verifications that don't lower your SMS limit.

Fixed bugs

  • A bug where the price of a visit could not be set when finalizing the visit
  • A bug with self-booking in which an employee could be selected in a service that could not be performed

Szymon Krysztofiak

December 29, 2022


Do you spend a lot of time logging visits? From now on, your customers can do it themselves. Make it easy for your customers to schedule appointments, right on your site with online booking for your brand. Generate your link and share it with your customers. Add to social media channels and on the web. This will take customers directly to your company's information and pricing page. They don't need special apps for this.

Fixed bugs

  • bug by which social links were setting to "https://"
  • bug through which the number of SMS did not refresh
  • bug through which a warning was displayed when a visit was displayed whose employee was removed

Szymon Krysztofiak

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