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January 30, 2023

New pricing

We didn't think our pricing could be simplified even more! We now offer more for less! We also introduced Fixed Price Guarantee 馃槑.

Easier to work with customers

From now on, you can add, edit and view customers even faster from the add visit level.

Self-booking development

We've added some new features to make your self-booking easier, including SMS verifications that don't lower your SMS limit.

Fixed bugs

  • A bug where the price of a visit could not be set when finalizing the visit
  • A bug with self-booking in which an employee could be selected in a service that could not be performed

Szymon Krysztofiak

December 29, 2022


Do you spend a lot of time logging visits? From now on, your customers can do it themselves. Make it easy for your customers to schedule appointments, right on your site with online booking for your brand. Generate your link and share it with your customers. Add to social media channels and on the web. This will take customers directly to your company's information and pricing page. They don't need special apps for this.

Fixed bugs

  • bug by which social links were setting to "https://"
  • bug through which the number of SMS did not refresh
  • bug through which a warning was displayed when a visit was displayed whose employee was removed

Szymon Krysztofiak