EmployeesWork with a team ­čĄŁ

Invite employees to Estetify to work with them. Your customers will be able to choose a specific employee to visit online bookings.

PositionAutomatic control over equipment ­čĄľ

Estetify simplifies the appointment booking process by automatically detecting the availability of Counters, which saves customers the hassle of waiting for a free seat.

StatisticsAnalyze results ­čôł

See total revenue, new customers, cancellations, and completed visits within the range you set.

Table of servicesOrganized list ­čôŁ

We designed the service table function to work great with Self-booking and Calendar. Add your services and save data such as estimated time and price.

Detailed scheduleOrganized work to the minute ­čĽú

Did the customer call to make an appointment? Thanks to our advanced schedule, you will know when you or your employee have free time.
In addition, there will be no situation in which the client books an appointment online at an inconvenient time.

Regular opening hours
Employee schedules
Time locks

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I am the founder of Estetify. In the beauty industry for over 10 years. I will be happy to answer your questions! ­čÖé