Clear calendarMain command center ­čöą

We are constantly refining the calendar to adapt it to the needs of the beauty industry, while offering fast work and a clear look

Filter employee and customer visits
Block time
Day, week and month view
Quickly add visits

Add customers quicklyGo even faster ÔÜí´ŞĆ

Did a new client call you to make an appointment? You can instantly create a visit and add it to the Customer Base.
Thanks to this, even for larger salons, meeting and customer management will be hassle-free

Detailed informationComprehensive form ­čžá

We are constantly refining the process of adding visits to make it as easy as possible for you.

Date and time
Internal note
SMS settings
Any number of services

Block timeManage your free ÔĆ░ time

Breaks are important! In your calendar, you can block time to mark the times when you won't be visited.

PositionAutomatic control over equipment ­čĄľ

Estetify simplifies the appointment booking process by automatically detecting the availability of Counters, which saves customers the hassle of waiting for a free seat.

SMS remindersAutomated communication with the customer ÔťĘ

You can automatically keep your customers informed about their upcoming visits using SMS templates. Messages can be customized according to your preferences, making reminders more friendly and personalized for your branding.

Personalized sender name
Message you set
Automatic reminders the day before the visit
Possibility to cancel the visit by the customer