Visit historyAnalyze customer ­čöÄ preferences

Loyal customers can visit your salon up to a dozen times a year. By checking your visit history, you can learn more about their preferences and offer services that are most attractive to them.
Plus, from this view, you can edit, finalize, and undo the finalization, making you work faster.

Customer TagsEasy organization ­čĆĚ

Do you have many customers? Manage them with tags that make it easier to find the customers you're interested in. You can also send them mass SMS.Example tags

­čĺÁ Cash
­čĺ│ Card
ԺɴŞĆ Regular customer
ÔĆ▒´ŞĆ Late
Ôśá´ŞĆ Blacklist
­čĺŞ Tips

DetailsTake care of details ­čôŁ

Customers love when you remember them! Add as many details about them as possible to provide them with the most enjoyable service.